Buying a Home

Are you looking for your dream home, a place you can call your own? Let me assist you in finding the home that suits your needs.

I aim to reassure you, knowing that you are partnering with a dedicated Real Estate Professional who advocates for your best interests. 

Buyer's Guide 

01 Initial meeting

In our first meeting, we will establish a connection and discuss your aspirations, objectives, financial plan, and preferred timeline; this will allow us to assess our compatibility and decide if we should proceed together. I will also outline my approach to representing and supporting you throughout the process.  

Afterward, I will carefully explore your specific needs and create a personalized Wishlist for you. This detailed list will include your preferences and essential features, allowing me to effectively filter the available properties that meet your criteria. 

02 Get Pre-Approval

The last thing you want to do is fall in love with a home that's simply outside of your price range. Knowing your budget and getting pre-approved for a loan will prevent this from happening and allow you to focus on looking at homes that not only meet your criteria but more importantly, fit within your price range. Moreover, submitting an offer with this letter demonstrates to brokers that you are a committed and serious buyer. If you plan to buy in cash, it is important to provide proof of funds when submitting your offer.

03 Home search 

According to your criteria, I'll set up a customized MLS search to ensure you get notified of the new listings as soon as they hit the market. It is essential to communicate any modifications to your criteria or updates to your preferences to ensure our search remains aligned with your needs.

04 Tours

Following your online home browsing and identifying your preferred options, we will arrange appointments to tour the properties together. This active involvement will allow us to assess the houses firsthand and ultimately make an informed decision on which one truly stands out as the ideal choice.

05 Present an offer

Utilizing my expertise in the current market conditions and property valuations, we will collaboratively determine the optimal terms for the purchase agreement to secure the property while safeguarding your best interests. Afterward, I will effectively communicate and negotiate with the seller's agent on your behalf, serving as your advocate throughout the process.

06 Acceptance 

When our offer is accepted, the attorneys will review the contract. You will submit the earnest money, and I'll arrange for inspections and appraisal. You will begin the financing process once both sides are ready to move forward. This may sound overwhelming, but I'm here to make this process as effortless as possible for you.

07 Appraisal & Inspection

I will accompany you during the inspection process, providing valuable insights into the property's condition and identifying any potential repair needs. Additionally, an appraisal may be necessary per your lender's requirements. The appraisal determines the property's value, which is crucial in determining the loan amount based on the appraised value or the sale price.

08 Loan approval 

You will work with your lender to finalize your loan application and provide all the necessary documents. Upon approval of the application, the closing will be scheduled accordingly.

09 Final Walk-through 

As part of my service, I will schedule the final walk-through of your new home on the day of closing and accompany you to ensure everything is in order and intact before finalizing the purchase.

10 Close & Celebrate!

A few days prior to the closing date, the title company will tell you how much money you will need to bring to the closing table. You will attend the closing accompanied by your attorney, where you will sign the necessary paperwork and officially receive the keys to your new home. Exciting! You will be officially the new homeowner! It is important to ensure a smooth transition by promptly contacting the utility providers and arranging for the services to be transferred to your name as the new homeowner. This proactive step will help ensure a smooth continuation of essential utilities in your new residence.

Connection with my clients extends far beyond the closing table—it marks the beginning of a lasting relationship!


"My family was having trouble looking for a home for weeks jumping from real estate agent to agent before my parents met Robena. She was a perfect fit for us. She worked tirelessly and with the utmost patience, driving my parents from home to home for weeks until she finally helped us to find our forever home. She is there with her clients literally every step of the way. It was lovely working with her and I hope anyone looking for a home will be lucky enough to find Robena because she really is the best out there!"


"Robena worked with my parents to find them their dream home. Honestly, I don’t know how they got so lucky, but I’m so thankful that they came across Robena because she was so patient, kind and passionate about her job and helping her clients find a home. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a realtor to guide them through a difficult housing market."


"Robena is a great realtor to work with. She works very hard and gives excellent advice. She kept me well-informed throughout the whole process. Highly recommended."

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