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Meet Robena Armia, a passionate real estate agent dedicated to helping her clients find their dream homes and achieve top-dollar sales for their current properties. With a specialization in Residential Real Estate, Luxury, and High-end Properties, Robena is well-equipped to cater to the needs of homebuyers, sellers, and investors. Throughout the process, she prioritizes her clients' best interests and provides guidance and support at every step, ensuring a smooth transition into their next life phase.

Robena's journey into real estate was influenced by her prior experiences as an Attorney in Iraq and holding leadership positions at humanitarian organizations. Drawing from her legal background, Robena possesses the traits of resilience, patience, and the ability to handle challenging situations with ease.

With Robena, you can expect a proactive approach and unwavering dedication to delivering favorable outcomes. She understands the importance of building lasting relationships with her clients and is committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism throughout the real estate process. Her experience navigating complex situations enables her to thrive under pressure, ensuring her clients' interests are well-protected.

Robena believes in thinking outside the box, taking on challenges head-on, and stepping outside her comfort zones drives her pursuit of success as a real estate agent. She combines her legal expertise, passion for real estate, and client-centric approach to provide exceptional service to those she serves. When working with Robena, you can be confident in her ability to deliver favorable results and make your real estate goals a reality.


"My family was having trouble looking for a home for weeks jumping from real estate agent to agent before my parents met Robena. She was a perfect fit for us. She worked tirelessly and with the utmost patience, driving my parents from home to home for weeks until she finally helped us to find our forever home. She is there with her clients literally every step of the way. It was lovely working with her and I hope anyone looking for a home will be lucky enough to find Robena because she really is the best out there!"


"Robena worked with my parents to find them their dream home. Honestly, I don’t know how they got so lucky, but I’m so thankful that they came across Robena because she was so patient, kind and passionate about her job and helping her clients find a home. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a realtor to guide them through a difficult housing market."


"Robena is a great realtor to work with. She works very hard and gives excellent advice. She kept me well-informed throughout the whole process. Highly recommended."


Robena Armia's professional journey has been shaped by her determination to build a better future for herself and others. Born and raised in Iraq, she pursued a career in law, honing her critical thinking, attention to detail, and effective communication skills. As an attorney, Robena developed a reputation for skilled negotiation, always advocating for her clients' best interests.

Driven by her passion for advocating human rights and child protection, Robena took on leadership positions in humanitarian organizations. These roles allowed her to make a meaningful impact and fight for justice. However, she knew that stepping out of her comfort zone would bring true growth and success.

With a firm resolve, Robena decided to move to the United States, embracing the challenges ahead. Venturing into entrepreneurship, she embarked on her career in real estate. This decision reflected her commitment to personal and professional growth as she sought to make a difference in the lives of her clients.

Robena understands the value of time, and she is dedicated to ensuring her clients have smooth and hassle-free real estate transactions. Open and honest communication is a priority for her, as she believes in building long-lasting, integrity-based relationships. Through her extensive network of professionals, she has become a valuable resource for her clients, connecting them with trusted experts in various fields.

Having lived in both the Middle East and the United States and being bilingual, Robena possesses a unique understanding of Eastern and Western tastes. This cultural fluency enhances her ability to exceed client expectations and deliver exceptional satisfaction.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Robena embraces a positive mindset and finds joy in art, music, traveling, and quality time with her family and friends. With unwavering dedication, she pursues her purpose of advocating for child rights while striving to be the most trusted real estate professional.


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